Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Todays subject - opportunism. I moved out to this new neighbourhood and already on the second day my brother gets robbed in front of our house. Kids maybe in their 16teens running around playing gangsters and all of this due to the mainstream culture and popularisation of violence. If I was a bookie I would bet on the time and place of another riot that is going to take place in London. 
Now, some pictures;

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Some pictures from my new zenit again. See the thing is I believe that film is actually dead but I still love shooting with it, I like the quality of the final outcome, once I found out I can purchase film from the Poundland I got so many of them It would be shame to waste it. And the other reason is, I develop it myself in the bathroom,C41 is as easy as making an omlet, 10 mins plus drying and it is done - 5 quid saved like that. Whenever I am back home, I feel like I need to do something, otherwise I will end up checking up some stupid celebrity gossip websites, so I just get the camera, spools and do the magic in the sink. 

Repressed Memories Project

This project is about the significance of human memories and their impact on our life and personality. It is also about the destructiveness and struggle in our life when particular events and experiences have left us with distorted consciousness. So ask yourself a question, what is the quality of your memories, the most precious ones and those that you regret having?