Wednesday, 9 March 2011

For a long time I did not know what can I write about. I have decided to share something with you, it might seem stupid for some of you and others could see my point clearly.

You know how world of art and photography changes constantly. Vernacular photography has faded into total darkness as well as objectivity and consideration. I just want to say that I am not any kind of judge and don't think of myself as an expert in this field. But what pisses my off recently is burgeoning growth of the subtype of fashion photography, trashy and made by inexperienced kids with digital slrs. Just want to say that nice over saturated colors is not enough. That's it.

Last few weeks was for me the time of coming back to the point before the accident from January. I can say I feel like brand new and I am ready to rock n' roll. I want say thank you to Sandi. She was there for me.

I am working on few interesting projects. Some interesting works coming in couple of weeks.

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