Saturday, 5 February 2011

Today inspired by Jamie's 30 minutes meals, me and Sandi decided to cook something other than usual and by saying that I mean no scrambled eggs, pizza or pasta dishes. Lately we have been trying to get our hands on some proper food, the kind of food that we had while dinning at  Clos Maggiore. 

After researching dozens of recipes the one that caught our attention was cypriot chicken and
pan fried asparagus with vine tomatoes. Let's get on with it ! 

Sandi,  i have to say, perfection.

I have prepared delicious veggies with olives and asparagus and felt in love with rosemary, the smell of it was breathtaking. 

Finished with a glass of Sav Blanc and pimped flat-breads.

I must say, cooking is not as easy as it seems but definitely worth trying.

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