Wednesday, 8 December 2010

The Day Off

So, let me just tell you . I have started this blog to keep me active in me free time. There is nothing more upsetting and irritating than sitting at home after a lively week. Somehow when my week is full of work and uni assignments I cannot wait for the long awaited day off. But here it comes. I kept myself busy today for quite a while but there is always that time when I need to take her back to the place where I have picked her up this morning. And I hate this feeling when there is no one to accompany me on my way back home.

 I'm hesitating , should I attend this big thing tomorrow. I know I would take good pictures but I would feel restricted and everyone would with a 2k gear on their neck.

Right now I guess I will read The Little Prince again. There is something about this book, whenever I read it I'm always finding something new and remarkable. If anyone says it is a book only for children, must be a massive imbecile.

Today's creativity awoke in my this need of documenting as much as I only can. It is never easy to carry around a camera (especially so exceptionally heavy) with you and capture the decisive moment but I will do my best from now on.

So here it starts

 The big thing:!/event.php?eid=136567579732280

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